It Begins

Hi! Welcome to my page about betting and what I’m sure will just become a page about losing copious amounts of money. I’ve come to terms now with the fact that betting is just part of my lifestyle, so why not embrace it and combine it with something I love doing, writing, and trying to be funny.

Having a look back on my gambling success (or lack there of) in 2016, I’ve decided some things have got to change.
While I didn’t lose THAT (emphasis) much money in the end, it still ended up being a down year.
I found myself winning on my first few bets every time I deposited, those first few bets were always the ones that initially caught my eye. I would always withdraw my initial deposit, but a lot of the time I just found myself losing my winnings due to greed and impatience.
Not anymore, I’ve found a new way to get my rush and stay patient.
Being a former Journalism student and now writer and editor for, I have been saying for years now that I should write more, do daily blogging, blah blah.

So I have combined my need to not be greedy, stay patient and make sensible bets with my need to write more. As of the 1st of January, I will be putting my bets out there, for everyone to see.
I’ll keep stats throughout the entire year, and I pledge, to the four people currently reading this:
“If I finish in the red as of December 31st, my betting career is permanently over”
You can either bet with me, or just follow along and laugh at my demise.

See my rules here.
See my stats here.

Your favourite degenerate,


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